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Quality is key – we never sacrifice that at Fraser’s Folly. And over the years we’ve implemented a whack of measures to make sure we meet those standards.

Here are the 3 things you can ask breweries when checking out beers for quality.


1. How do you keep things consistent?

Everything in the Brewhouse has to be within a certain tolerance. So here at Fraser’s Folly, we have all the right equipment to make sure our temperatures remain consistent throughout the brewing process.

So we can control the temperature and the pH in our Brewhouse – just to be sure they remain within the right levels.


2. What ingredients do you use?

The quality of our ingredients is essential. From the malt, to the hops, to the yeast, we buy the best quality ingredients from the UK, Europe and the US.


3. What about lab testing:

Our beer must be clear of all microorganisms; and we need to be sure our beer info (like our alcohol level) is right. So we complete our lab tests after fermentation – before we move onto filtration and bottling. Then we wait for the results.

After filtration, we test again. Once we bottle, we test one more time to make sure there’s no bacteria.

Then only do we release the beer.

And these questions aren’t just relevant for craft breweries – they’re relevant to any brewery.